Family Programs

Philmont Training CenterThe Philmont Training Center offers Philmont adventure for everyone in your family. While you learn the best methods of Scouting in your training conference, your family members will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Philmont. PTC offers a full, organized program for every member of the family, from infants to spouses!

The training center offers programs for Small Fry (2 months – 5 year-old boys and girls), Cowpokes and Cowgirls (8-7 year-old boys and girls), Ropers (8-10 year-old girls), Deputies (8-9 year-old boys), Sidewinders (10 year-old boys), Mustangs (11-13 year-old girls), Trailblazers (11-13 year-old boys), Broncos (14-21 year-olds), Mountain Men and Women treks (14-21 year-olds) and Silverados (adults and spouses not attending a conference). Also offered are evening activities at PTC for all ages.

PTC “Family” Brochure

For more information, visit the PTC Family Programs Page

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