Scouting Ministry Specialists

The United Methodist Scouting Ministries Committee has created a volunteer position called the Scouting Ministry Specialist to help local churches establish and expand scouting ministry opportunities.

Scouting MinistriesOnly 6,700 of the 34,000 United Methodist churches have scouting units. The specialists will help churches understand the value of scouting and communicate information related to training, awards and recognition.

This position is designed to help local churches consider scouting as a ministry, as well as a new response to one of the Four Areas of Focus of the general church: to develop principled Christian leaders.

Specialists will help provide information to the local church through relationships with the General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM) office and annual/district scouting coordinators.

These specialists are at least 18 years old, have taken youth protection training and/or sexual ethics and safe sanctuaries courses, and are familiar with Scouting and Civic Youth Serving Ministry guidelines of the United Methodist Church.

SMS responsibilities include:

  • Visit and communicate with up to three United Methodist churches in their areas.
  • Assist the annual and district scouting coordinators.
  • Promote scouting ministry training events with adult leaders (Philmont, Sea Base, UM Scouting workshops, etc.).
  • Promote scouting recognition awards.
  • Promote the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) awards.
  • Enroll each church as a Shepherd Church.
  • Promote Scout Sunday.
  • Support the pastor.
  • Consider serving on Council Relationships/ Religious Committees for the various scouting agencies.
  • Recruit one additional scouting ministry specialist.

An SMS is different from the annual/district/local Scouting Coordinator because specialists are recruited and registered with GCUMM, and are responsible for up to three churches. They are not necessarily a liaison to a youth agency council/office like a local church scouting coordinator.

To apply to become an SMS, visit or fill out this Scouting Ministry Application and mail, fax, or email it to Someone will respond to your request with additional information.

While much of the information on this website is oriented toward BSA programs, Scouting Ministry Specialists are trained to work with Girl Scouts USA, Campfire USA, 4H, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, among others.

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