Philmont Training Center Tips

This list was started by Caroline Rudisill and Cliff Coan.
An evolving version of this list of tips and tricks can be found at

If you’re a first-time visitor to the Philmont Training Center for the United Methodist Scouters’ Conference, you may appreciate some of the tips and tricks those of us who’ve been there before have accumulated. Caroline Rudisill and Cliff Coan started the list on what to expect and how to best prepare below.

Packing for a week at Philmont Training Center should not be expensive. You probably have most things you’ll need at home already. PTC is not “roughing it” camping. Don’t expect to be in “survival” mode. Enjoy the little luxuries. Continue reading

Join Us in Scouting Paradise in 2018

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The week of July 15-21, the Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, NM, will host the United Methodist Scouters’ Workshop.

The workshop is designed for local church, district and conference Scouting coordinators, Scout leaders, clergy, and youth leaders. We focus on the role of Scouting Ministry Specialists and how the outreach ministry of Scouting can increase church membership. Award programs, youth protection, membership growth, the Strength for Service devotional book ministry, and common features of Scouting and United Methodist groups will be covered, as will how Scouting can make an impact on your youth groups and build an environment of servant leaders in local congregations.

The conference and the Philmont Training Center boasts a family-friendly environment, and will provide a week of relaxation for you and your family while you learn about ways to rejuvenate your congregation and deliver the promise of Scouting while vacationing through Philmont Training Center’s premier family programs. The Training Center has youth programs tailored for preschool age to age 21. Activities for families include hikes, horse rides, air rifles, archery, crafts, cooking, games and more. Mountain trek youth (ages 14-21) backpack for the week, and adult family members may choose from trips, tours, arts, pottery, crafts, walks, shooting, COPE, fishing, hikes or just enjoying the beauty of the Sangre de Cristos mountains.

In addition, the National Scouting Museum is scheduled to be open at Philmont in 2018.

If you are a unit leader of a Scouting unit chartered to a United Methodist Church, a Charter Organization Representative of a United Methodist Church which sponsors a Scouting unit, or a layperson or clergy of a United Methodist church, we’d love to have you join us.

With that in mind, here are some places to go for more information: – a website we maintain. We’ll be posting lots of information here.
United Methodist Scouters at Philmont Training Center 2018 – our Facebook Group page. Please join, and encourage others to do so. – this is basically an electronic version of a signup form we handed out at the National Scout Jamboree. If you fill out the form, we know you’re seriously interested in attending PTC.

These links should help, also:
2018 PTC Brochure (PTC Schedule for 2018 — includes course descriptions and prices)
Family Programs Brochure (Information about Family Programs)
2018 PTC Guidebook (2018 PTC Guidebook with tons of info)
Official conference signups take place at (make sure you click the link to registrations). Actually signing up and paying for conferences is done through this website.

There’s a step-by-step guide to signing up for the conference at but if you run into any difficulty, any further questions can be answered by Dee Dee Montoya, the Training Center Secretary, at or (575) 376.2281.

After you’ve registered with the PTC and made a paid deposit, you can apply for a scholarship on a first-come, first-served basis by filling out and returning this form by April 1, 2018: 2018 PTC Scholarship Application

If I can help with any other info, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Hope to see you there!



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“Sponsor” or “Partner?”

Technically, a church COULD just “sponsor a Scout troop” — but if your church does, you’re missing out.

"Sponsor" a Scout GroupMany churches simply sign the charter agreement and allow a Scout troop (or Venturing Crew, or Cub Pack, etc.) to meet in their facilities, instead of taking advantage of a unique opportunity to (a) connect with the families involved and shape young lives and (b) offer an opportunity for church members to live out servant leadership in front of and among the community.

From the very beginning of the chartering process, the church should be intimately involved in the Scouting program. The Charter agreement says the Charter Organization will conduct the Scouting program according to its own policies and guidelines, as well as those of the Boy Scouts of America. Another part of the agreement is that the Charter Organization will include Scouting as part of its overall program for youth and families. Continue reading

Scouting can grow your church

Scouting can grow your churchNearly one-half of the 371,400 scouts who meet weekly in 6,700 United Methodist churches are from unchurched families, but few churches do much to strengthen ties with these units. More than 1.5 million participants and family members are estimated to be affected by scouting ministries in the United Methodist Church. Scouting ministries provide local congregations the opportunity to mentor children and youth in the community in the areas of spiritual and character development through service projects, Bible-based resources such as religious- emblem awards provided by Programs of Religious Activities with Children (P.R.A.Y.), citizenship training, and by teaching new skills, connecting children to nature, providing leadership opportunities, and building healthy peer and intergenerational relationships. Continue reading