2018 Conference Registration

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How to register for the 2018 Methodist Scouters’ Conference

Signing up for the 2018 Methodist Scouters’ Conference at Philmont Training Center can be confusing. We’ve asked people to go to bit.ly/ScoutingMinistryUMC to give us their contact information, but that’s really just so we (the Methodist Conference Staff) can communicate with you.

To officially sign up for the course, you have to go through Philmont Training Center’s registration process. Here’s how you do that:

Go to this page:

PTC Registration Page

When you click the Register Here link, you will begin the official Philmont Training Center registration process.

After filling out some basic information (name, address, phone number, Scouting Position, Council Name, etc.,), you’ll be asked to select your conference.

This is what you want to choose:

Conference SelectionAfter that, you’ll get the opportunity to add family members, etc., and finally make a deposit or pay in full. If you make a deposit, you can return to pay the balance at another time (up to 30 days prior to the conference).

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